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Paths Taken

You don’t have to feel fragmented within yourself, or disconnected from others. Part of being human is that we sometimes experience these and other states:

Feeling alone. Isolated. Depressed. Confused. Anxious. Angry. Upset. Uncomfortable. Hurt. Pain. Ripped Apart. Joy one moment, sadness the next. Not understanding. People don't get me. I keep hooking up with the wrong partners. I can't stop fighting with my partner. I hate my job. I can't stop thinking about them. I live in my head, not in my heart. I have no feelings. My feelings overtake me. I can't think clearly. I can barely get out of my bed. I don't know who I am. I don't know why I do it. I don't know why we do it. I can't stop myself. I just can't get started. I have so much love and no one to share with. I hate. I have no friends. My friends have no idea. I can't say this to anyone. I feel like I don't fit my own skin. People tell me I'm other than I know myself to be. There's got to be more to life. I have strengths, abilities and talents: I just don't know how to integrate them.

Often, we get stuck and can't find our way out.

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to find a path through what previously may have felt impossible. You will have the chance to share with another: to be heard, responded to and communicated with. To come to an understanding about why, how, when, and with whom you are making choices.

Together, we will look at who you are right now. Past experiences, memories, dreams, thoughts and feelings can be explored, as well as your current situations and responses.

It can make a difference.

Individual Psychotherapy

What is happening in your life, right now, in the present, is of primary importance in our work together. Together we will look at all of the elements that constitute who you are, to understand how you have come to be that person: your thoughts, feelings, past relationships, family history, work history, cultural-of-origin, family-of-origin, dreams, fantasies, belief-systems, responses to yourself, your family, partner, friends, colleagues, and also to me. Conscious awareness combined with the opportunity to consider and engage in new ways of responding and relating as experienced in the therapeutic relationship can lead to lasting life changes.

Couples’ Therapy, Marriage Counseling/Therapy

I provide couples’ therapy (sometimes referred to as couples’ or marriage counseling /marriage therapy) for all forms of partnerships. Drawing primarily from the method of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples, I also incorporate elements of my other training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, to meet every couples’ unique therapy needs.

Couples therapy is helpful for many types of couples: long-standing relationships, new relationships, deciding to become common law, marriage preparation. My clientele includes both homosexual and heterosexual couples, open relationships and closed, those where a couple is always defined as a twosome, or where one or the other is polyamorous.

Couples’ therapy can also be helpful for non-romantic couple relationships: father-son, mother-daughter, sibling to sibling or any other significant partnership that needs help to better communicate thoughts and feelings.

If you or someone you know is in a relationship that is starting to become detached, and the possibility for renewed connection, or the desire for clarification exists please consider giving couples therapy a chance.

Focused Psychotherapy for Artists, Arts Workers and The Creative Individual

The act of creation is particular and demanding. Artists, arts’ workers and creative individuals need to exist in an environment that is both safe, and conducive to exploration, to allow for creativity. Unfortunately, these environments are not always present. Sometimes we are complicit in establishing or maintaining conflicted environments. Some of us may believe we need this kind of stimulation to feel “alive” and “creative”. If you identify yourself as an Artist, Arts Worker or Creative Individual then psychotherapy with an emphasis on aspects of the creative could be informative and revelatory for you.

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