Who Am I

Mary Fulford-Winsor

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist. I incorporate relational, intersubjective and psychoanalytic modalities into my work. This means that we will work together (relational) and when appropriate (intersubjective), we may explore an explanation (analytic) around what we are discussing, or find ourselves engaged in (psychodynamic). Psychodynamic psychotherapists work with both conscious and unconscious dynamics. I am a Member of the Canadian Association for  Psychodynamic Therapy and past president. (CAPT). More information about CAPT can be found at: www.psychodynamiccanada.org. I am also a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO ( College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario www.crpo.ca).

In working with couples, I draw primarily from the EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) modality. We will be looking at the cycles that you, as a couple, are engaged in and explore the ways in which you are currently communicating. Together, we will learn what is happening and discover different ways that you can communicate with each other. EFT has been shown to be highly effective in short-term work (12-30 sessions depending upon a couples' needs). More information on EFT can be found at: www.iceeft.com.

I have been involved in psychotherapy for over twenty years and have been working with clients for the past thirteen. I believe that when working with the intricacies of human relationships and behaviour, a therapist needs to be constantly evolving and exploring other ways of conceiving what constitutes who and what we are. As such, I am committed to continuous education: formal peer learning groups, reading groups, on-going lectures or workshops in new theoretical frameworks and active volunteer community involvement. I want to keep myself ready to explore any and all of the facets that make up you when you walk through my door.

I am a graduate of the six year training program at The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy (CTP dipl.) For more information on the intensive training program at CTP, you can visit www.ctp.net. CTP has an excellent website which may answer some of your general questions about psychotherapy and the training program. My training in EFT is from ICEEFT. I have additional couples’ training in the psychoanalytic and psychodynamic modalities. Training in Trance work is from Adam Crabtree at CTP. Training in Sex Therapy is from the University of Guelph. I also hold a B.A. from Trinity College, University of Toronto and a M.F.A. from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.

I have an extensive background in the creative and performing arts, having worked in these industries/milieu professionally for over thirty years. My creative background, training and experience give me the tools to provide a breadth of understanding and adaptable responsiveness to who you are as a unique individual.

Frequently Asked Questions