Therapy for Couples and Individuals

I work with couples and individuals, aged 18 and up.

My current practice includes clients from a broad cross-section of our community: medical professionals, finance professionals, trades professionals, writers, performing artists, visual artists, musicians, teachers, producers, photographers, small business owners, interior and exterior designers, stay-at-home mothers and fathers, students and those currently in career transition.

Some of the reasons clients seek therapy include: anxiety and stress, depression, grief and loss, addiction, eating disorders, anger management, trauma, feeling disconnected, feeling alone and misunderstood, persistent day or nightmares, a feeling of being stuck, dissatisfaction with a relationship or work, affairs, panic attacks, transitions in family or work life, despair, frequent arguments with spouse and/or children, differences in sexual desire or lack of sexual desire, concerns about sexual orientation, gender issues, loss of someone close, persistent non-diagnosable physical ailments, birth of a child, a desire to come to know oneself better, or because a spouse/friend or co-worker has suggested that therapy can help.

More Information about Couples Therapy

We live in a society where ‘planned obsolescence’ is the norm, not the exception. Sometimes this culture of disposability gets extended to our relationships. Certainly there are times when it’s better to sever a relationship and part ways. And there are also times when we give up too quickly, because we are in pain and conflict and don’t know what to do or where to turn. We feel hurt, alone, misunderstood and confused about someone we once thought provided us with nurturing and safety. Indeed, it can often feel lonelier to be in a non-functioning relationship than it does to be on our own.

Yet at one point we did choose each other as partners. There is, and was, something in that choice. Over the months and years of mis-attunement we learn to build up barriers as a result of injuries and upsets to keep each other out. We become disappointed, embittered and saddened when our partner can’t reach us over these barriers.

Couples therapy can help. Together we will look at the cycles that you and your partner have become engaged in, come to understand them, and carefully and respectfully proceed to the underlying feelings that exist behind those barriers. Once you reconnect and experience where your partner is at on an emotional level, you may become desirous to stay connected. The rekindling of attachment may bring back longings and memories of tender feelings within your relationship. As you grow a place of secure and lasting safety with one another, communication becomes easier. It becomes possible to ask for what you need, want, fantasize about and desire and to give these things in return. You and your partner can start to believe in a secure and satisfying relationship because you are now experiencing it.

Working as a couples' therapist is a deeply important part of my practice. Over two decades ago, my particular entry point into psychotherapy was through couples' therapy. It continues to hold a very special meaning for me personally and as a practitioner.

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